pam.I Fedorov, 60 x 100, 1970, Oil
Spring flowers, 60 x 75 , 1970,
Dawn in Carpathians, 70 x 90, 1970, Oil
Spring flowers, 60 x 75, 1970, Oil
Winter, 50 x 90, 1970, Oil
winter mountains, 70 x 80 , 1970, Oil
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About me

Was born in 1985 in m.Terebovlya Ternopil region. 2002-2005 he studied at the Higher School of Culture Terebovlia 2005-2011 Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of sacred art)
Solo exhibitions
2009 – Harmony of summer ,gallery Art Ramarnya ,Lviv
2009-Painting , Ternopil privat art gallery ,Ternopil
2010-Fire of the soul, gallery Slyvka, Lviv
2010-Christ among as ,Ternopil privat art gallery ,Ternopil
2011-Epiphany ,gallery NEF, Kyiv
2011-Breathing of spring, gallery Slyvka, Lviv
2012-Easter ringing,gallery Art Ramarnya, Lviv
2013-Emotion of summer,gallery Slyvka,Lviv
2014-By the streets of Lviv,gallery Slyvka ,Lviv
2015-Painting,gallery Bastion

Group exhibitions
  • “Art utilizes many ways to instantly capture beauty , albeit time and nature recreate in a state of constant change” Leonardo da Vinci
    This new exhibition by Ivan Drahan – is like a daily diary, where the author has taken detailed notes and pictures of his daily life. Motley coloured subjects: flowers, toys, en plein air sketches, some village scenes, some of Lviv … all, blending together “smilingly” in a warm, cheerful and happy aura. All of these things make the paintings of Ivan Drahan unmistakably recognizable. Even the dismal Winter scene of Lviv , thoughtfully captured on his canvas, exuberates liveliness and dynamics and makes one feel that the Festive Season is just around the corner. The works of Ivan Drahan show masterful use of pliable forms, cultured composition and rhythmic layering . The artist also utilizes artistic emotion together with bold colour association by using decorative “splashes” or expressive masks, thus allowing him to achieve persuasive effectiveness when painting natural life forms. Praiseworthy indeed, are the paintings and the amazingly childlike spontaneity that the artist so painstakingly creates whilst painting “Gentle charms” on his canvases - his world, and his ability to daily perform minor miracles by viewing and painting every-day things and objects that we take for granted. From his colourful nuances, reflexes, shades of light, sunny reflections, shimmering winds - each of his works is a clue from the author to the viewer to look more carefully at the world around us, and to understand that we all have reasons to be happy.

    Art historian Natalia Kosmolinska
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